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China Wuhan Industry Environmental Expo 2022

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Renesas MCU for motor control scores 1,160 CoreMark
Renesas has added a hardware motor control accelerator to 32bit microcontrollers that already achieve a 1,160 CoreMark from EEMBC – the highest score for a 5V MCU operating at 200MHz, claims Renesas.

Within the RX72T group, as the chips will be known, the accelerator enableshigh-speed position control and speed control calculations required for implementing servo motor control.

“This allows the current control loop calculation to be performed in less than 1.5µs,” said Renesas, which measured it over: phase current value acquisition, Clarke transform, Park transform, current PI control, inverse Park transform, inverse Clarke transform, space vector modulation, and setting PWM values.

While speeding calculation compared with an entirely software solution, hardware acceleration can be inflexible. “With the RX72T MCUs, Renesas resolves the [flexibility] issue by implementing only the single-precision floating point trigonometric function [sin, cos, arctan, hypot].”

Added to this is a hardware register bank save function to increases the speed and precision of interrupt handling, and improving computation performance.

Also on-board are 200MHz PWM inverter control timers for up to four channels of three-phase control, two channels of five-phase control, or 10 channels of single-phase control; as well as hardware-based system fail-safe functions and a hardware cryptography module that can be used to encrypt and decrypt communications data.

“The RX72T Group is optimised for industrial robotics and motor control, with built-in IP, safety and security functions, and advanced control,” said Renesas industrial automation v-p Akira Denda. ”The new group extends a migration path across the RX family that creates possibilities for extremely low-cost designs in compact industrial robots.

Development tools include programmes that implement sensor-less vector control and encoder vector control, plus Renesas Motor Workbench 2.0 is available for real-time debugging, and there is an RX72T CPU card that supports the existing 24V motor control evaluation kit.

The processors support Renesas’ Failure Detection e-AI solutions – failure detection can be implemented alongside control on a single MCU.

The 100pin 512kbyte flash version will be called the R5F572TFBDFP, and chips will be available in Q4.

More about Renesas’ motor control is available here.
China's leading exhibition covering power generation, storage, transmission and distribution. All kinds of technologies/products related to hydrogen & fuel cell, rechargeable battery, smart grid, wind energy, biomass power, and gas power generation, etc. are gathering. Each field is divided into specialised shows, and active business meetings will be conducted among exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Also, Technical conferences take place by industry's top leaders every day.

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